We take immense pride in our smaller-sized, understated ocean-going cruise ships, which is why we have extensively refreshed and refurbished the fleet to ensure they are at their best for many years to come. Balmoral, Braemar, Boudicca and Black Watch may not boast a daunting list of unnecessary gimmicks such as climbing walls, surf simulators and zip wires, but what they do offer is ample space and comfort, a welcoming, home-from-home feel and the style and ambience of a country house hotel.

These understated qualities are the essence of Brabant, our dedicated river cruising boat, too. Sharing your adventures with hundreds – not thousands – of others, you can relax on board and enjoy a memorable cruise experience without feeling overcrowded. In fact, you’ll feel like part of a family as you explore the world with your friends, loved ones and like-minded people that share your interests and attitude to life.

Fewer guests also means we are always able to provide the personal, attentive service you deserve from the moment you step on board. Another advantage of our smaller cruise vessels is that they can take you closer to some of greatest destinations on earth and help you discover towns, cities and scenic wonders that may be out of reach to larger ships and boats.

Balmoral, Braemar, Boudicca and Black Watch can sail the world’s oceans to idyllic islands and breathtaking countries, into narrow Norwegian fjords and along size-restricted rivers into the heart of delightful cities such as Seville and Bordeaux where a plethora of highlights await your discovery from the moment you step foot off your ship. Aboard Brabant you can experience incredible journey’s through the winding valleys of the Rhine, Main and Moselle rivers, taking in fairytale-esque castles, forts and cities along way; sail the Danube all the way to the Danube Delta, stopping in captivating capitals such as Vienna and Budapest en route; and negotiate impressive lock-laden canals and picturesque gorges.