No matter where you choose to explore, our passion for showing you the world shines through. We encourage you to head off on a journey of discovery in every destination to really get the most out of every moment of your holiday.

Taking exploration to the next level are our all-new Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs): the latest enhancement to our fleet for the 2019/20 programme. Wherever possible, these exciting crafts will offer our guests the chance to be immersed in destinations in a way few others get to enjoy.

Exploration is so much more rewarding when you can experience it from a refreshing new angle, when you are taken away from the tourist trail to see something really special. Whether you’re breaking new ground by venturing even deeper into a stunning fjord, heading off on a scenic journey to an untouched beach, or sailing past an isolated spot of spectacular coastline only accessible by boat, you’ll have an unmissable chance to see things on or by the ocean that regular cruise line guests never see.
Now Fred. Olsen can take you even closer to your destination than ever before.

The RIB Experience

Fred. Olsen’s RIBs have capacity for up to 12 guests and excursions last approximately one hour. While our RIB tours are available to all, guests must be physically able to step aboard the boat. This includes being capable of lifting their leg over the seat and sitting comfortable in their allocated seat. If you are interested in booking a RIB tour, we advise that you speak to our Destinations Team to view and trial a sample seat before you book.

When the time to join your tour arrives, it’s important to prepare properly for your adventure. The clothing you should wear will depend on your destination and the weather. If you’re exploring a colder region, such as Norway or Greenland, you will be required to wear a specially designed wind suit over light, comfortable clothing, to keep you warm and dry. In warmer climes what you wear is up to you, just please be mindful of wind temperatures. Whatever the weather, you will need to wear flat shoes and a life vest.

Once we’re happy all guests are ready to embark, you’ll be invited to step on board your RIB and join your expert driver and tour guide. When all guests are comfortable, it’s time to set-off in search of sights and highlights that many guests on ‘regular’ tours won’t uncover, negotiating spectacular waterways at high speed for an exhilarating, simply unforgettable ride. You might take in stunning natural wonders; sail breathtaking coastlines; or discover remote, hidden-away settlements – wherever you visit is sure to enthral and inspire; just don’t forget to take your camera with you!